During the Summer of 2019, after completing over 80 OP session using track warrants, we were urged to try a TTTO session. Several of the urgees; Seth, Bryn, Matthew and Paul, being well versed in TTTO,  agreed to help with the set up.

Seth who runs MRCS (http://www.modelrailroadcontrolsystems.com/) built the phone system and “signals”. As of Jan 1 2020 we have had three TTTO sessions. They all ran well and everyone seemed to have a good time.

This has increased the crew size from 9 to 12 (though the last session actually had 14 operators and we are still trying to figure out why this worked so well). Not having an available crew lounge, the R&D tries to keep everyone busy, apparently this was very successful.

The timetable will be added to the documents section. We reserve the right to do some “tweaking”.